Such a fun morning with Annette and Erin. I learned so much in just a few hours.

Angelia M-C - August 2017

I think I have fallen in love. ..with sketching! I have always wanted to draw, but let’s be honest, I’m not very good….but….this has changed me, completely! I produced wonderful sketches, right from the FIRST workshop. Now, I’m hooked. I think Annette has such a natural talent for teaching. I so look forward to the next workshop xxx
Thank you Erin Hill

Karen W - September 2017

Love love love how easy this is. Annette is fabulous and I even had the pleasure of one class with Erin which also was fabulous!! I didn’t think I could do this but I was wrong. Recommend for everyone!!!

Shelley - September 2017

I had a wonderful week sketching with Annette last year. As a newcomer to sketching she gave me huge confidence and invaluable help and encouragement when needed. I know the others would agree with me.

I have become a very active sketcher thanks to Annette and have wonderful memories of long lunches, lots of laughs and of exploring her corner of France.

Gay J ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - September 2018

This is extraordinary holiday memories..
Step by step you are taken into the universe of fast sketching and in the same time you are enjoying the landscape, the cities, the people of South of France.
While sketching you forget everything around you.
This way of learning makes you draw without even thinking of it….
I have done it twice – in July and October 2017.
Fun, instructive and to remember.

Ulla - October 2017

Loved Erin Hill sketching in Languedoc… Annette is a fabulous teacher, the sketching style is completely ‘do-able’ and I can’t wait to attend another course. Thank you Annette for introducing something so wonderful into my life

Sarah M - September 2017

Hi Annette, Thank you so much for an amazing day. Loved every minute and I feel I’ve learnt so much. I was so intent on observing the buildings and surroundings that I didn’t notice my husband sneaking up the road taking a photo of us with MY iPhone! Obviously my observation skills need some honing! My eyes are very droopy tonight but it’s a good fatigue. My sketch diary and kit will be going with me tomorrow to the UK and grandchildren permitting I will get some more practice.
Thank you again so much – very satisfied pupil!

Gill A - June 2019

Lovely settings and easy learning, not to mention the nice lunch and pleasant company.

Marcus - August 2017

After meeting Erin Hill and Annette Morris during one of their classes in my tea salon, I was amazed by the talent, environment and complicity of the group. Soon, after several sketching classes at my tea salon, I inquired in the amount of time the artists had been sketching and painting- to my surprise the artist I asked said it was her first time! I couldn’t believe it as there was such a beautiful sketch in her book! Erin Hill guaranteed that I could do the same on the first day too!
I have taken my first class today with Annette and 3 other lovely ladies. I am so proud of what I sketched and after painted! The class was fun, interesting and educating!
I highly recommend taking the classes! I can not wait for my next one in Oct. 2017!
Thank you Annette for you time (and patience) and Erin Hill for making an artist out of me!

Heidi - September 2017