Take a creative journey in some fabulous locations & learn how to develop your own natural ability to interpret what you see!

Build a life-changing sketching habit, and it’ll change your world!

The EHS system enables absolutely anybody to learn to sketch an impression of what they see.

These Foundation classes show you how to see your subject and get it onto paper. That’s the first step many people have never been shown. The simpler the better. There’s no right or wrong. Its about you and the image you see.

As sketchers, you want to learn. You want to feel your artistic powers growing. You want to be part of a community that will inspire you to push through creative obstacles, pick you up when you’re in a rut and celebrate your breakthroughs. That’s us. We show you how!

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Sketch Holidays in Languedoc 2019

What will you sketch?

Anything and everything!

Who loves to sketch?

People who’ve always wanted to sketch but never felt they could.
People who’ve painted and sketched but want to loosen up and understand simple colour.
People who have decided it’s time to do something new for themselves.
Young professionals who spend their work life on computers and traveling.
Academics who crave a chance to be creative.
Mothers who want some ‘me time’ while kids are in school.


In fact, EHS is for everybody!

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